Pavlo Kozlov

Medical marketing expert

Olena Borysenko

Project manager

MegaDoc. We make doctors and clinics successful

We, Pavlo Kozlov and Olena Borysenko since 2013 have been working with the best representatives in the medical field, they do their job very well, but they are not always able to tell about their capabilities in the right way. Or they just have a time shortage for that.

We work with medical projects of different scales – from doctor`s offices to multidisciplinary clinics. We have work experience with B2B and B2C in the Ukrainian marketplace. We are ready to do the project work, but give preferences to long-term relationships with customers.

We can raise the workload of a clinic up to 80%. We know how to make from an unheard-of doctor a «star». We understand how to communicate with clients, so they would stop being afraid and start trusting. When making decisions we are analytical data oriented. We are sure that marketing investments must return.

When you should contact us:

  • If you are going to open a clinic
  • You want to attract attention to already opened clinic
  • You need a complex marketing service
  • It is necessary to develop a new positioning of the clinic
  • An effective and creative advertising campaign is needed – from an idea to realization
  • There is a necessity to create a new visual image of a clinic: logo, style
  • You want to create a unique content: texts, photos, video, audio
  • You need a new website and its management
  • You need SEO-optimization of a website and its content
  • You are looking for specialists in targeted and contextual advertising
  • You are choosing whom to delegate the management of pages in social networks or a blog
  • You have to conduct a special event – from patients’ meetings to internationals profile events
  • You need a correction or creation of complementary brand reputation
  • You want to start a corporative radio for clinic
  • You wish to create a medical corporate media (journal, YouTube, Telegram, etc.)
  • It is needed to describe, measure, analyze, fix and improve marketing processes in clinic
Among our clients there are medical business representatives of various specializations and scales:
B&B Dental
Клиника Шевченко
Нейрохирург Александр Яворский
Стоматология и челюстно-лицевая хирургия 24/7
Акушер-гинеколог Татьяна Старущенко
The MegaDoc team consulted well-known national brands on medical products: